Bordeaux: If You Are A Nature Lover, Then Go Here

Consider yourself that perfect sommelier aka the wine expert or simply have some cravings to check out the fine wines of the world, then keep on reading because today we bring to you the none other than popular region called Bordeaux, which is located in France and is a port city spread over an area of forty-nine kilometers on the banks on the beautiful natural creation of the Garonne river.

Besides the fact that it is spread over a complex full of known and renowned vineyards and wine processing units, it now hosts for its native as well as the travelers the cafés, gardens and hot spots like the new concept of neoclassical monuments which definitely bring in a lot a of touristy footfall from various parts of the world. Definitely, if upscale backpacking is your thing for this time then what are you waiting for? GO get your tickets to the beautiful country of France.

Things to do

Firstly, you can awesomely check out the vineyard and the live on-field raw material that is used to extract the required juices out of the selected fruits. These narrow valleys full of vines are now in the region under the UNESCO World Heritage.

Secondly, you must get a feel of the waters and the summary sunlight with the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding immense forests.

Places to visit

Thirdly the thing that probably shouldn’t be missed and would count as one of the main factors that come under the stuff which can be explored and done here, cycling to the Toulouse passing the Garonne canal which along with the canal du midi goes to the canal of two seas aka Canal Des DeuxMers. This amazing idea has a lot of fantasy sort of elements that make it ve4y pretty and fairy sort.