Experience The Best Of Florida In Ocala

Ocala, Florida is situated in Marion County in Florida. It proves why it is called the principal city. Nature and pathways surrounded by oak trees can pull anybody into its magical beauty. After going there, I felt like life is casting a spell on me. I couldn’t help but kept admiring the green and refreshing surroundings which can only be seen in the scenery.

Being a nature and environment lover, this was the best place I could visit on vacation. The tree, pathways surrounded by plants, a dangling trellis of Spanish moss, and an untouched natural landscape binds the traveler. The clear stream and canoeing, make it more interesting. It is like a paradise for the photographers, travelers, and for those who are sensitive towards nature and their surroundings. The Silver Spring nature theme park and the Canyons Zip Line are the most attractive points which act like a magnet which pulls every tourist towards them. I had the best canoe experience of my life with the crystal clear water, winding trees, and chirping birds. The freshwater streams of Ocala and the most extensive sand pine forest are famous all over the world. This majestic beauty can be seen in many Hollywood movies. This natural beauty and the fresh, clean air re-energized my soul and body. This purity and such positivity cannot be found in city chaos.

How to reach?

  • Ocala International Airport provides general flight services and dispatches to the community.
  • Ocala Suntran facilitates buses to be used throughout the city. The Ocala Station is one of the major hubs situated here.
  • Amtran is serving the bus services between Lakeland and Jacksonville.
  • One can reach Ocala by the Greyhound Bus Lines.

When visiting Ocala, Florida, it is generally recommended to spend at least three days here on exploring all the attractions this place has to offer.