Explore The Beauty Of Tela

Tela is a small town in Honduras present on the Caribbean coast. The town is also the gateway to the Lancetilla Botanical Garden, which is the largest botanical garden in America. The town is small but has lots of places where you can spend your vacation and have a fun time. Tela has four protected areas that have huge importance and place can be reached by land and sea route both.

Some of the famous and tourist loving places in Tela are,


  • National Park Jeannette Kawas


The other name of this park is Punta Sal. You can enjoy here lots of activities such as snorkeling, water rides, wildlife, and hiking. Not to forget the place offers delicious food. The park has animals which you would have never seen before.  


  • Punta Izopo


This is again a place for nature lovers and thus for everyone as every individual love to the beauty of nature. The mangrove river, wildlife, kayak, Caribbean beach are some of the attractions of this place. You spend the whole day here; still, something unique and exciting will be left to see.   


  • Rio La Esperanza


This is again an exciting place in Tela, where you will have lots of fun. Plan a full day tour to Rio La Esperanza to explore its beauty completely. Take the motorcycle tour going ups and downs of the hills. The trip will end at the Garifuna Village of Miami. In between, you will have to cross rivers, climb on hills. Here you can relax Carribean beach taste some fried fish and local food.


  • Los Micos Lagoon


Do not leave Los Micos Lagoon even if you less time. This is a natural pool with lots of attractions. There are wildlife, reptiles and about 342 bird species. The lagoon has many canals where you can sit and relax.