Faro: Where to Go and What to Do?

Faro is the capital of Algarve. The coastal town has a plethora of attractions. It is surely going to take your heart away. The offshore natural landscape with lagoons is just exceptional. In case this is your first visit to Faro, take a look at the places that you should visit.

Faro Cathedral

The monument had been erected in 1251. The façade has a warlike appearance and has a gothic looking tower. It is one of the most ancient structures of the city. I scale the tower to gaze over the lagoon and the streets of the city. The interiors have gilded woodwork. The side and the altar of the chapel seemed to be gleaming with gold.

Arco Da Vila

This is an old waterside gateway of Faro. It has a Neo-classical design. The architecture had been designed by Francisco Xavier Fabri, the Italian architect. Above the portal, there is a statue of St. Thomas Aquinas in the alcove. As I passed through the gateway, I could see the 1,000 years old work on stone still visible.

Cidade Velha

Take the arch by the marina for entering the old town of Faro. The whitewashed houses of this area having terracotta tiled roof are arranged beautifully. This is the quieter half of the city. There are small squares where you will come across many restaurants. I have to say that the food served here by the little joints is just delectable. If you are lucky, you will be able to catch occasional exhibitions.

Island Beaches

The outer island of the lagoon is trimmed with golden sand beaches. This is a great place to soak in the sun. The only way you will be able to reach the beach is by boat. Somedays, you will find no human life. I was able to spend some quiet time here.