Lahore – Enjoy Historical Sights and Culinary Experiences

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Lahore is the capital of Pakistan and it is considered second populous city here. Being located in the northeastern end of the country, Lahore is also the wealthiest city to be in. As I explored this city I realized that it does have rich historical and cultural vibes but so is it progressive, cosmopolitan and socially liberal.

Historical Sites of Lahore

The different historical landmarks of the city showcase the different empires and their reigns here. The Delhi Sultanate, Hindu Shahis, Ghurids, and Ghaznavids have been here and reigned during the medieval era. I took a locally guided tour which included Lahore Fort. This citadel of the 16th century is a fortified place that the Mughals built. The tour also takes one through Badshahi mosque which is a domed structure of the 17th century. I also enjoyed walking through Sheesh Mahal that has pavilions adorned with mirrors and stone inlays. The historical tour of the place also includes a stop by the Minar-e-Pakistan that is a monument dedicated to the Pakistan resolution.

Things to do

Besides the guided tour I also walked around the Delhi Gate market. Witnessing the border ceremony by the Wahga Gate is also worth stopping by for.

Places to Stay and Eat

The city’s flavors are best savored when you stop by local joints like Manoo Siri Paaye at Sultanpura where you get to eat paaye paired with roghni naans and sweet lassi. I also enjoyed stopping by Baba Ji Kulfi Walay in Muslim town where I enjoyed falooda. If you enjoy beef khoya tikka you can enjoy the same from Shafi tikka shop of Saddar Bazaar with naan.

There are several places to stay here that include luxury hotels as well as budget hostels, airbnb accommodation, and others.