Need A Place For A Perfect Vacation? Come Here

New Orleans, known as ‘The Big Easy’ is the perfect place to visit if you want to enjoy, party, and have a good time at a festival.

When to go?

I went backpacking through this beautiful, beautiful, vibrant city and was greeted by people who’ll stay partners for many more travels and a time that I will barely forget. It started in February when the festivals (Mardi Gras Festival – it’s insane!) were in full swing and the weather cold and comforting. If one goes in December or January however, they can have a calm time with the city and find peace instead of party.

What to experience?

I experienced nightlife that is rare and brilliant in its unique way. We took our alcohols in a to-go cup and found strangers greeting us like their own. Music festivals and carnival manias aside, the city offers a great selection of historical, cultural, artistic heritage.

The city, being mostly below sea level, has its cemetery above ground and it is one of the most precious places I have visited. While it can spook some, it seemed like a wonderfully laid out place to me. Taking the street cars was another pleasant experience and a cheap mode of transport.

We listened to live music on Frenchman Street, took a Swamp Tour and shopped like crazy on Magazine Street, French Market, etc. The cuisine here is unique, and I got to try different restaurants, cafés, and bars. My suggestion, get into any place that looks beautiful (Hack – Every place does).

This is one city you can visit on a budget, have a great time, and even if you spend more than you estimated (It will happen, trust me… and it is worth it), you’ll still be content. So tour New Orleans, Louisiana and forget yourself in the city. You don’t need to have a changing experience, live in the moment, cease it, and rejoice!