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Racing Rivals Tips and Tricks for everybody

Racing Rivals was released by Glu Games back in 2013. Since then it is one of our favourite racing games. You can have a great time racing against AI drivers or other real players in online races. The game features different game modes like Campaign or Online but also different types of races like Pink Slip races where you race for money or a car. Losing this types of races hurts the most so you should be sure that you definitely going to win it.

The game features a broad variety of cars from Manufacturers like BMW, Dodge, Ferrari or McLaren. Cars like Ferrari can only be found in the faster classes and they are really expensive so you have to collect a good amount of cash before being able to purchase those cars. To get these resources faster you should read our top Racing Rivals tricks below.

Make the right upgrades

Racing Rivals allows you to upgrade nearly all parts of your vehicle. So it is up to you to choose the most important ones at first. First of all focus on parts that higher your Horsepower and torque as it will be the most important. If you did upgrade all these parts far enough you should focus on lowering the weight of your ride. This will make you able to start faster and also higher the top speed and acceleration of your car.

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The lighter your car the faster it is

If you have a car with the same Cars with the only difference that one is lighter and one heavier. The lighter one will sooner or later outperform the heavier one and drive him off as it is in real life. By upgrading the Chassis of your vehicle to the maximum you can reduce the weight of it by around 25 percent which is a lot.

racing rivals tricks

Know when to hit the Launch button

Before every race you will see a light-up meter turning from red into yellow and then into green. Do not hit the button before the traffic lights turned into green as this will put you into a serious disadvantage against your opponent. You will face some engine problems that cost you a few seconds and most likely end up losing the race.

So always make sure that you hit the button as soon as possible after the lights turned into green. This is one of the most important tips as this can cost you a lot of races if you don’t do it like this.

Get your car a NOS boost

NOS can also be a very helpful boost if you use it at the right time. The earlier you are using the NOS the more powerful it is but you have to take care of hitting the right shifting point. The lower the gear is that you are in while activating the NOS the faster the pointer is getting pushed into the red are of the revolution counter. With every second you are in that area you are losing speed and time. So make sure to always hit the green area when shifting into the next gear.