Santa Monica: The Peaceful Destination to Relax

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The beachside city, Santa Monica, has its own charm that attracts seven million tourists every year. It is surrounded by mountains on one side and beaches on the other. This picture-postcard city is the epitome of Southern California and has a classic essence. If you are planning to visit this city at any time soon, here are the essential attractions. 

Santa Monica State Beach

This can be the best destination for you and your family during the summers. Though it is always packed with beachgoers, you can still find a place to sit on the beach to relax and enjoy its beauty. I strolled on the beach to get the soothing vibe. While you go for surfing or just soak in the sun, your children can build sandcastles at the beach. 

Palisades Park

The Palisades Park is a 26 acre coastal bluff-top park from where you can view the stunning views of the Mountains of Santa Monica and the ocean. I sat on one of the benches to enjoy the surroundings. If you want to get rid of the beach crowd just like me, you can have a brisk walk through the cemented path with rose bushes, shrubs, and large palm trees. 

Third Street Promenade

It is considered to be the heart of Santa Monica Downtown. I found the place to be very interesting with different kinds of shops and restaurants lined alongside the pathway. Another thing that fascinated me was the street musicians with such talent singing on every corner. 

Santa Monica Pier

It is a place where you will find a host of different attractions. The Santa Monica Pier also acts as the central point for tourists visiting the Santa Monica Beach. You can enjoy the Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and other games at the Pacific Park fair. If you love music and film events just like I do, there are plenty hosted every day for the visitors.