Travel To Gamboa To Enjoy Its National Parks And Lakes

I traveled to Gamboa to see the wildlife here and it was really a fun trip. I was amazed to see the beauty of this place along with Jaguars and sloths. If you have a plan to visit Gamboa in the coming time, then my experience in this place will be helpful to you in planning your trip. So, Gamboa is not a very big city in Panama, but from the attraction point of view, this place is big and there are so many things to see and admire. The city sits on the Chagres River and it is close to the Panama Canal. Additionally, it is surrounded by wetlands and forests. Therefore, it is a home to many native birds.

So, I started my trip visiting the Soberanía National Park. The park has numerous varieties of native birds and it also inhabited by jaguars and sloths. You enter this park with all protections along with a guide. Still, it is thrilling to see these animals freely roaming around you. You keep the entire day to check all corners of this park. Not to forget, the national park has some beautiful trails as well that will give fantastic picturesque moments.

After Soberanía National Park I headed to another famous park of Gamboa, Summit Municipal Park. Unlike the Soberanía National Park, this one has different variety of plants and animals in abundance. In this park, I was lucky to get the view of harpy eagle as well.  

The huge Gatun Lake also impressed me with its beauty. It is a huge artificial lake built on Charges River.  

After checking all these spots, if you still left with some spare time, then move a bit forward and check Chagres River. Gutan lake and Lake Alajuela are the part of this river. It has amazing looks and offers you lots of peace.